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The ultimate online tool for managing your website

Why Nakea?

We provide you with a set of tightly integrated tools to build and manage your website so you can effectively market your business.

So why juggle multiple on-line services, when everything you need is connected together in one place?

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Everyone Gets

  • SEO Friendly Website
  • 2 Gb of Storage
  • Design Tool
  • Reports
  • Domain Management
  • Live Chat & Email Support
  • Free Automated Updates
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling inside *


Make your website a part of
your business workflow.


Everything you need to design
& build your website.


Design & build feature-rich

Tour of Features


Easily create and manage the pages of your website.

You can have as many pages as you want, including subpages which will be shown in fly-out menus. Password protect a page or choose which people can access it. (i.e. investors looking for a quarterly report).

You can publish just about anything on your website; from an awesome portfolio to impress visitors with your past work, to blogs to engage them in conversation, to products to showcase your offerings. You might not need all of that diversity right from the start, but when you do need it – it's here.

Image Galleries
Articles *
Blogs *
Interactive Calendars *
Knowledge Base (FAQ) *
Products *

* These page types are not available in the Starter package.

These are shortcuts to help you quickly create a new page and then preview your website.
If you have a lot of pages, use these links to collapse or expand the list view.
Here's a sample outline of what your list of pages might look like.
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Aside from content, design is the most import part of your website.
Select one of our options, upload images, change color schemes and customize your site with our comprehensive Design Tool.

Preview your changes to make sure you like what you see before saving.
Quickly view how changing design options affects the look and feel of your website.
Access the options for each of the five design elements, and customize as you go along.
All page designs consist of several different elements. By switching between these tabs, you can customize each element.
Manage the images & text that are displayed at the top and bottom of your website.
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Forms & Payment Processing

Easily create online forms of any kind. Customize how many times a form can be submitted, who gets notified and what information is stored in Contacts.

All forms are shown as an integral part of your website and are fit into your design so users never have to leave to fill out a survey or a contact form.

There are no limitations on how many forms you can have or how many times they can be filled out.

You can also accept credit card payments using your Merchant Account (if you don't have one, we will help you obtain it). This allows you to accept donations, take pre-orders and accept reservations, making your website an integral part of your business.

  • Customer Support
  • Daily Polls
  • Donations
  • Employment Applications
  • Event Registration
  • Feedback
  • Lead Generation
  • Product Orders
  • Satisfaction Surveys
Here you can customize your form by using drag and drop to place fields where you need them.
You can edit each field so that users know what you are asking for.
Common form fields are ready for use, but you can always add your own.
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Store & manage up to 2 GB of your files (that's about 4,000 photos) in one central location to use on your website. Insert images, links to documents and upload files for sharing.

Our File Manager is fully integrated with Picnik (an online photo editor) for easier image editing. Adjust colors, crop and resize images with just few clicks.

We recommend that you organize all files in folders, should your website grow, to make it easier to manage them.

Upload files from your computer and organize them in folders for your convenience.
View your list of files and folders as details or small thumbnails. This is great for when you have a lot of images.
By clicking on the "edit" icon you can do basic image editing within your files area.
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Contacts is a CRM application that is fully integrated with your website. It allows you to store and use contact information for up to 5000 people (If you need more, just drop us a line).

You can import existing customers from your current CRM, add them one-by-one or even open up registration on your website. You can also specify different permissions to selected forms & pages on your website to provide access for particular groups.

Contacts also allows you to track communication with people in the notes field & set up reminders to follow up on conversations after meetings.

Manually create a Contact account or Groups to organize your Contacts.
Start typing a name and the list will update automatically.
See all details and information for the contact you’ve selected.
Add notes & set follow-up reminders. You'll receive an email notification when your follow-up is due.
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Email Marketing

Send up to 5000 emails per month and get statistics on who opened your email and what links they clicked on. Even send yourself a test to see what they'll see before you send it out.

You can use Groups to send targeted emails and newsletters that are relevant to their interests.

We will automatically optimize your email for a better viewing experience within different email clients.

You can send a test copy to yourself to make sure your message is exactly what you want.
Send a targeted newsletter to a particular group of contacts within your database.
Our easy to use editor makes customizing your newsletter a breeze. No HTML knowledge required.

Questions & Answers

How is Nakea different from other hosting/website companies?

We provide you with a set of tightly integrated tools to build and manage your website so you can effectively market your business. We have built in Forms, CRM that is integrated with your website & Email Marketing that is integrated with CRM. You can even view reports on all of that in one place. Simply put: we do what others don't.

So you don’t need to juggle multiple online services & connect them together. Nakea saves you time & money and helps you keep your customers happy.

Can I have an email address with my domain?

Yes, you can. We provide you with a smooth interface to manage MX (mail) records. Just sign up for a free Live mail or Google Apps account and point your MX records to their servers.